In the UK, casement windows are the most common house window. Historically these leaded glass casement windows were most commonly hinged on the side, and opened inward. The windows were covered by functional exterior shutters, which opened outward. Variants of this style casement are still the norm in many European countries.

With growth of the casement window market in the UK, many households prefer to fit casement windows due to their ease of use and practicality. Therefore it was time for Reddiseals to come up with an innovative product that was aesthetically pleasing but also functional with modern casement windows.

So the Reddiseals technical team got to work to figure out what would revolutionise the industry and designed a product that had not yet been seen before within the market place. The result was the Dawson Pivot Hinge.

Reddiseals Dawson Pivot Hinge is ideal for use on minimalist timber windows where clearly visible hinges would detract from the overall aesthetics. Designed for the window to pivot horizontally, the hinges fit centrally, left and right between the sash and the frame allowing the window to be pivoted 180° for cleaning purposes. The hinges are adjustable to suit the weight of your window. Manufactured from quality brass and supplied in pairs, they are available in a popular choice of two finishes, Polished Brass and Polished Chrome.

Since establishing the Dawson Pivot Hinge within the joinery sector it has been a great success story with many architects and joiners specifying the hinge for their future jobs, including builds such as high rise apartments and hotels. The Dawson Pivot Hinge allows for the window to be rotated 180 degrees for cleaning purposes and its unique restriction mechanism allows for additional safety. Its attractive design also makes a build look complete and interesting rather than just having your standard window hinge.

Specification of the Dawson Pivot Hinge is now growing on an international scale with Reddiseals supplying architects and joiners from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to London, England. All feedback from customers has been very encouraging and they all believe that this is a truly innovative product that will not only change the casement window market but also enhance it. Traditional pivot solutions within the market place; although functional have become dated, however the market has now been revitalised through Reddiseals innovation. The Dawson Pivot Hinge has become a real market leader and trendsetter, making architects and joiners very proud of the work they have completed when a product looks so good in situ as well as being very practical for the user.

If you are interested in a sample and would like to specify the Dawson Pivot Hinge for any future builds then do not hesitate and get in contact with Reddiseals now here.

“ The Dawson Pivot Hinge has become a real market leader and trendsetter, making architects and joiners very proud of the work they have completed when a product looks so good in situ as well as being very practicaI for the user. “

Architect Projects End of the Year Review 2015

The Dawson Pivot Hinge can be purchased here

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