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Reddiseals are proud to offer the largest selection of Sash Window products to the trade. We are also proud to boast the Industry’s widest and most reliable selection of beading for the Joiner.

There are currently four different types of beading available from Reddiseals, with a fifth being introduced to our extensive range and available at the end of March 2016.

The environment is important to us, so we are pleased to say that our products are either PEFC or FSC® Certified sourced, promoting sustainable forest management or manufactured in the UK.

Below is a helpful guide to the types of beading that we can provide.

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Softwood Timber Beading

  • Quality knotless pine wood beading – milled timber from sustainable PEFC controlled forests
  • Kiln dried and moulded to enhance the durability of the natural wood
  • Primed and pre-inserted in our own factories ensuring longevity in product and consistent quality is supplied time after time
  • Stocked – a vast choice of 8 different staff bead and 5 different parting bead profiles

Reddiseals Softwood Timber Beading is available in 3m lengths and is free of knots and imperfections.  Stocked in a wide range of popular profiles consisting of:

20x15mm, 20x20mm, 24x20mm, 25x15mm, 28x15mm, 28x20mm, 33x16mm, 14x22mm, 7x25mm, 7x28mm, 8x25mm and 8x28mm.

Available in Natural, Primed and Primed with Reddipile brush seal or Primed with SofSeal  foam seal as standard.

primed softwood
softwood prmed with pile
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Xtreme Beading

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  • Durability – beading that can last 50 years
  • Having gone through a lengthy acetylation process this reconstructed material can outperform most natural woods
  • Suitable for use where longevity and stability in construction is a must
  • Fungal resistant and dimensionally stable this product performs exceptionally well in damper environments

Reddiseals Xtreme Beading is the UK’s first Medite Tricoya based primed beading.  Stocked in a range of parting bead and staff bead profiles comprising –

8x25mm and 8x28mm, 20x15mm,

Reddiseals pre-insert the carrier, which reduces labour time for the tradesman. Xtreme Bead provides durability, fungal resistance, and dimensional stability whilst also being sustainably sourced. Available in 3m lengths.


Reddibead Wood Composite Beading

  • Extruded using a blend of PVC and wood fibres to produce a profile that offers the durability of plastic and the features and benefits of wood
  • Plane and paints like wood, Reddibead comes pre primed and will not warp, crack or rot
  • Excellent workability using standard tools and machinery

Reddiseals Reddibead Wood Composite Beading is a breakthrough in composite beading, as it is more durable than traditional softwood timber and will not rot.  Offered in a primed finish and stocked in the following staff and parting bead profiles:

25x15mm, 20x15mm and 8x25mm

The Reddibead range is water resistant and has less expansion and contraction than a natural wood. Providing great workability so standard tools can be used. Just simply apply a top coat of paint for a good finish. Available in 3m lengths.

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Plastic Beading

  • Extruded to the highest standards in our own UK factories
  • Reddiseals plastic parting beads are UV stable and easy to clean and maintain
  • Available as a direct fit/carrier options, these popular profiles are designed to stand the test of time
  • To identify a quality Reddiseals profile is supplied, look for the green fin.

Reddiseals Plastic Beading is industry recommended for weatherproofing sash windows. Readily available with or without Reddipile brush pile, which will dramatically reduce draughts and help sashes to move more freely. The plastic beading range consists of:

  • Self-adhesive plastic channel,
  • Bead and channel,
  • Slim line bead and channel,
  • Direct fit parting bead,
  • Twin pile parting bead and direct fit parting bead with double flipper.

Accoya Beading

  • Created from sustainable FSC certified softwood
  • The process associated with producing Accoya ensures the beads match the durability, stability and beauty of the best tropical hardwoods
  • Exceeds the longevity of traditional wood beading
  • Ideal for areas of high moisture content
  • Suitable for planning, priming and painting

Reddiseals Accoya Beading is the words leading technology in wood production. The Accoya Beading range is new to Reddiseals this Spring and we are delighted to be able to offer you this new range, stocked in our most popular staff and parting bead profiles.

 Available at the end of March 2016