Reddiseals offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of modern and traditional sash window furniture available in the market today. We stock the most popular styles to complement a variety of sash windows. The majority of our sash window furniture range is available in polished brass, polished chrome, satin chrome, and mottled antique brass, with many products offering additional finishes too. We also offer a selection of unlacquered brass products that will age over time to create the effect of aged brass.

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  • Traditional Sash Lift

    Traditional Sash Lift

    From £1.01 (ex vat)
  • Narrow Fitch Fastener

    From £2.67 (ex vat)
  • Budget Brighton Fastener

    Budget Brighton Fastener

    From £1.20 (ex vat)
  • Budget Fitch Fastener

    Budget Fitch Fastener

    From £1.20 (ex vat)
  • Acorn Fastener

    Acorn Fastener

    From £4.55 (ex vat)
  • Swirl Fastener

    From £4.40 (ex vat)
  • Quadrant Arm Fastener

    Quadrant Arm Fastener

    From £2.02 (ex vat)
  • Straight Arm Fastener

    Straight Arm Fastener

    From £4.75 (ex vat)
  • Reeded Arm Fastener

    Reeded Arm Fastener

    From £4.09 (ex vat)
  • Classic Fitch Fastener

    Classic Fitch Fastener

    From £5.70 (ex vat)
  • Standard Fitch Fastener

    Standard Fitch Fastener

    From £3.68 (ex vat)
  • Luxury Forged Sash Lift

    Luxury Forged Sash Lift

    From £3.35 (ex vat)
  • Hook Fastener

    Hook Fastener

    From £3.68 (ex vat)
  • Large Flat Sash Lift

    Large Flat Sash Lift

    From £1.72 (ex vat)
  • Small Flat Sash Lift

    Small Flat Sash Lift

    From £1.14 (ex vat)
  • Raised Sash Lift

    Raised Sash Lift

    From £1.32 (ex vat)
  • Prestige Sash Lift

    Prestige Sash Lift

    From £1.50 (ex vat)
  • Sash Handle

    Sash Handle

    From £2.10 (ex vat)
  • Standard Sash Handle

    Standard Sash Handle

    From £0.95 (ex vat)
  • Luxury Forged Sash Handle

    Luxury Forged Sash Handle

    From £4.07 (ex vat)
  • Luxury Forged Sash Eye

    Luxury Forged Sash Eye

    From £2.76 (ex vat)
  • Curved Lift

    Curved Lift

    From £1.20 (ex vat)
  • Standard Brighton Fastener

    Brighton Fastener

    From £4.09 (ex vat)
  • Midi Brighton Fastener

    Midi Brighton Fastener

    From £3.92 (ex vat)
  • Modern Fastener

    Modern Fastener

    From £3.58 (ex vat)