Tool box stock-ups, Reddiseals offer a ‘hand-picked’ selection of the most recommended tools and accessories for use in the timber, sash and casement window industry.

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  • TCT Router Bits

    TCT Router Bits

    From £35.62 (ex vat)
  • Xpert Mitre Shears SK5

    Mitre Fixed Blade Shears

    From £17.14 (ex vat)
  • Winbag


    From £11.02 (ex vat)
  • Glazing Shovel

    Glazing Shovel

    From £9.65 (ex vat)
  • Glass Lifter

    From £32.62 (ex vat)
  • Timbabuild Mixing Board

    Mixing Board for Timbabuild®

    From £15.95 (ex vat)
  • Trade Skeleton Guns

    Trade Skeleton Guns

    From £5.64 (ex vat)
  • Dual Cartridge Skeleton Gun

    Dual Cartridge Skeleton Gun

    From £38.42 (ex vat)
  • Hodgson Hacking Knife

    Hacking Knife

    From £11.65 (ex vat)
  • Hodgson Putty Knife

    Putty Knife

    From £14.16 (ex vat)
  • Concept PU Foam Gun

    From £17.71 (ex vat)