Weights and Balances - Sash Window Lead Weights

Reddiseals Sash Window Lead is now offered in a variety of weights and sizes to match your requirements, our range of lead weights are supplied with a 10.5mm core and are easy to cut. Add on and deflector weights are also offered. Reddiseals vast stock-holding of lead weights guarantees competitive pricing and reliable delivery all year round. Bulk-buy pricing available. Our lead weights can be easily cut using a hand saw.

Please Note:
All lead sizes and weights are subject to a 5% manufacturing tolerance on size and weight.
Inline with LME fluctuations, lead prices are subject to change without notification.

Weights and Balances - Sash Window Steel Weights

Reddiseals steel weights offer great value from 68p per lb. Available in a variety of weights and sizes to match your requirements, Reddiseals sash steel weights cost significantly less than traditional lead sash weights. The weights are coated to inhibit rust and will fit the majority of sash windows. Unlike lead, steel weights are unable to be cut down to size so please ensure that the section size will fit your sash box.

Weights and Balances - Sash Balances

Existing sash windows can be converted to Reddiseals sash balance mechanism easily and efficiently using our extensive range of balances and fixing brackets. Spiral standard balances (up to 40lbs) offer adjustable tension. Ultralift balances (up to 60lbs) are pre-tensioned to meet your requirements. All balances featured in the pricing table are stocked. We offer a bespoke service for balances 60lbs.

If you prefer our experienced team to calculate your sash balance requirements do not hesitate to contact us on 01905 791876

Calculate your own with our sash balance calculator here.

If you’re looking for Tilt and Slide Balances, you can view our range here.