Reddiseals range of door seals have been chosen to maintain maximum performance in application for both internal and external requirements. The Harmony acoustics range of seals designed and developed in the UK, offer an ideal solution to reducing the passage of sound through internal doors where acoustic insulation is paramount, whilst Drop-down seals minimise the closing force of door sets as well as offering acoustic sealing.  External Threshold seals are hardwearing, tried and tested and are now available in two colour options. Lozaron weatherseals manufactured by Schlegel, are high performance window and door seals manufactured from high grade TPE offering excellent performance over extreme temperatures. Versatile and reliable, these seals have rigid backs to aid insertion and retention of the seal and meet the requirements of BS EN12365 and CE marking.

The versatile range of Self-adhesive Weatherpile, Flipper seals and P seals can be retro fit, and the range provides excellent performance and coverage in hard to seal areas suiting internal and external applications. To complement the range, Reddiseals stock a door hinge protection system. Ideal for commercial and domestic use, the original Kindagard system is designed to protect fingers from being trapped between the door and the door jam. Fits easily in minutes with no special tools required.

Intumescent Strips

Intumescent strips for use in timber fire doors.

  • Intumescent strips white

    Intumescent Strips – Fire Only

    From £1.96 (ex vat)
  • Fire Door Seal White Pile 15 x 4 mm Intumescent Strip

    Intumescent Strips – Fire and Smoke

    From £2.40 (ex vat)

Harmony® Acoustic & Smoke Door Seals

  • Harmony Integral Dropdown Seal

    Harmony® Acoustic Integral Drop Down Door Seal

    From £26.95 (ex vat)
  • Surface Mounted Drop Down Seal

    Harmony® Acoustic Surface Mounted Drop Down Door Seal

    From £29.50 (ex vat)

Harmony® Acoustic Door Seals

  • Acoustic Corner Seal

    Harmony® Acoustic Corner Door Set Seal

    From £2.49 (ex vat)
  • Acoustic Corner with Kerf Leg Seal

    Harmony® Acoustic Corner with Kerf Leg Door Set Seal

    From £2.89 (ex vat)
  • Harmony Teardrop

    Harmony® Acoustic Teardrop Door Set Seal

    £107.21 (ex vat)
  • Acoustic Trident Seal

    Harmony® Acoustic Trident Door Set Seal

    £2.99 (ex vat)
  • Acoustic Triple Fin with Kerf Leg Seal

    Harmony® Acoustic Triple Fin with Kerf Leg Door Set Seal

    £2.99 (ex vat)
  • Acoustic Twin fin Seal

    Harmony® Acoustic Twin fin Door Set Seal

    £2.89 (ex vat)

Weatherseal & Threshold

The Reddiseals Threshold Door Seal including Bubble and Flipper variations offer improved weather performance over galvanised or plastic bars.

  • Lozaron Weatherseal

    Lozaron Weatherseal

    From £92.00 (ex vat)
  • Schlegel SAQ3116

    Schlegel SAQ3116WH Self-Adhesive Flipper Seal

    £47.86 (ex vat)

    Weatherbar Plus Door Threshold Bubble Seal

    From £4.91 (ex vat)
  • Weatherbar Plus Door Threshold Flipper Seal

    Weatherbar Plus Door Threshold Flipper Seal

    From £5.13 (ex vat)


Draughtproofing solutions for doors

  • Self-Adhesive Weatherpile

    Self-adhesive Reddipile® Brush Seal

    From £20.92 (ex vat)
  • Standard P Foam Seal

    Standard ‘P’ Foam Seal

    From £26.10 (ex vat)
  • Reddipile Draughtproofing

    Reddipile Draughtproofing

    From £11.50 (ex vat)

Finger Protection

  • Finger Guard For Doors

    Kindagard Finger Guard For Doors

    From £13.39 (ex vat)