Fire doors seals (intumescent strips) are placed between the door frame and the door on all four sides. In the event of a fire, the extreme heat causes the intumescent strip to expand and seal the gap between the door leaf and the frame. This contains the fire and allows enough time for people to evacuate the building.

Our Pyroplex fire and smoke seals include additional features that also prevent the passage of smoke and noise. We offer a range of styles with flippers (fins) and brush to suit the particular hinge arrangement of your doors. See the individual product variations to determine which seal is most appropriate for your doors.

Fire doors are a crucial component in the passive fire protection of a building. They must be fitted with the appropriate seals.

All of our fire door seals have a self-adhesive backing and are printed for identification and traceability purposes. They are all available in six colours to match your doors and make the seals less conspicuous.

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