The traditional ‘Scottish’ sash window system enables the lower sash to be hinged for easy cleaning and exit purposes. Our Simplex system is available as a kit or sold separately, stock in three fantastic finishes. Scottish parting and staff beading stocked to complement the Simplex System.

  • Simplex Fitting Set

    Simplex Fitting Set

    From £7.04 (ex vat)
  • Simplex Hinge Sash Screw

    Simplex Hinge Screw

    From £1.02 (ex vat)
  • Heavy Duty Simplex Hinges

    Heavy Duty Simplex Hinges

    From £4.44 (ex vat)
  • Simplex Baton Rod Hinges

    Simplex Baton Rod Hinges

    From £0.63 (ex vat)
  • Simplex Baton Rod Screw

    Simplex Baton Rod Screw

    From £0.96 (ex vat)
  • Simplex Cord Plug

    Simplex Cord Plug

    From £0.96 (ex vat)
  • Simplex Cord Clutch

    Simplex Cord Clutch

    From £0.63 (ex vat)
  • Simplex Cord Security Guide

    Simplex Cord Security Guide

    From £1.57 (ex vat)
  • Simplex Cord Gripper

    Simplex Cord Gripper

    From £0.54 (ex vat)