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We’ve got a lot of products – we think that’s a great thing, but we recognise it can be difficult for our customers to know where to start when selecting the right product.

We’re always available to provide technical and practical advice on our range (call 01905 791876 or live chat with us) and to help we’ve compiled a list of our ‘tried and tested’ products we think you might want to use…

Central Pivot Hinge

Central Pivot Hinge

These hinges are ideal for windows where basic conventional pivot hinges will ruin the overall aesthetic. Manufactured from brass and available in both small and large versions, the hinges allow the sash to pivot horizontally: allowing good air flow and easy access for cleaning, whilst looking fantastic in situ.

Self-adhesive Reddipile Brush Seal

The ultimate draughtproofing solution, Reddipile Brush Seal is perfect for retro fitting around sliding applications for the avoidance of routing. Not only does it provide additional draught resistance, the high strength self-adhesive backing makes assembly incredibly simple and ideal for difficult applications such as arched or rounded windows.

Flexistrip Butyl Tape and Silfix U9

Silfix U9

Flexistrip is a market leading security glazing strip ideal for installing double glazed units and single glass windows. The tape can be overcoated immediately and is so durable it can last for over 20 years given the correct conditions. It is perfectly complemented by Silfix U9 sealant which has excellent adhesion to a range of surfaces including glass, timber, metals, brickwork, plastics and concrete.

Abberley Dome End Internal Door Handle

Abberley Insitu

Available in latch, lock and bathroom plates, the Dome End is one of our best selling Abberley handles. The range is forged from solid brass for strength and durability and is available in a wide range of finishes – Satin Chrome is our personal favourite!


This traditional fitch fastener is available in both locking and non-locking variations and is best suited to small meeting rails, designed to pull, lift and align the meeting rails together. It’s manufactured from brass and like most of our sash furniture, is available in a range of finishes. The fastener is easy to fit and easy to use and we think the Polished Chrome version would suit any room.

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