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Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) or Wood Plastic Composite as it is sometimes referred to, is a blend of wood fibres and PVC which together produce a hard standing product with the durability of plastic and the benefits of wood producing a natural wood effect finish.

The concept was developed as a solution to the requirement for wood-looking products with the longevity of PVC. If treated and cared for correctly timber windows can last for years and there’s no denying that when done properly – natural wood can really make a window, however WPC has several added benefits over wood and can make maintaining beautiful sash windows even easier.

Why choose WPC?

  • It’s less susceptible to fungal attack due to the high levels of plastic in the product – which also makes it less likely to discolour and weather as much as timber potentially would
  • The product is UV stable and weather resistant – it’s not easily affected by changes in weather
  • ‘Reddibead’ has an even density with reduced weather absorption which means it’s not as susceptible to changing moisture levels
  • WPC is incredibly versatile and can be painted in the same way wood can be and in the case of Reddibead, is sold pre-primed and just requires a top coat
  • Because of the consistency of the product, it won’t warp or crack. This means it can be very easily screwed, nailed, glued and pinned – all of the things you can do with wood

The Reddibead wood polymer composite range is designed for refurbishment jobs and is an ideal choice for the joiner. The range is available in a variety of styles, including Glazing bead, Georgian bar, Staff and Parting bead and it’s constantly expanding with the recently added Reddiclip – a revolutionary design of parting bead with a secure clip in plastic channel. Click here to find out more about Reddiclip.

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