Are you currently in the midst of restoring a period property? Perhaps you are in the process of, or planning to renovate existing sash windows. If that is the case then Reddiseals are on hand to help you transform your Sash windows in a range of tasteful and elegant styles, with a price suitable for any budget.

The different ranges available from Reddiseals provide you with a choice of designs, from traditional right through to contemporary – and with the biggest choice of finishes in the UK!

So let us take a look at the different ranges available to you at a glance.

Sash Window Kits

The most popular sash furniture products, which are hand-picked to create the complete sash window furniture package.

Our Sash Window Kits are tried and tested and manufactured to exceptional standards. Complete with Secure stops to provide excellent security for your peace of mind.

Each window kit contains:

4 x 75kg Standard Square Pulleys

2 x Curved Sash Lifts

2 x Narrow Keep Locking Hook Fasteners

4 x 19mm Secure Stops and Key

Choice of 8 finishes:

traditional fasteners

Traditional Fasteners

Reddiseals range of sash fasteners is one of the largest comprehensive ranges of modern and traditional sash window fasteners available in the market today.

Manufactured to a high standard, our range is designed with the user in mind and satisfies a variety of styles and budgets. Hook fasteners, Brighton, Fitch and quadrant fasteners are offered in two keep widths.   Standard keeps accommodate single glazed configurations commonly used in heritage properties whereas, narrow keeps suited to the more modern double and triple glazing configurations.

All are available in four quality finishes as standard throughout the range; however, to give you even more choice selected products are available in up to nine finishes.

Other finishes available on selected products include; Mottled Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Antique Pewter and Polished Stainless Steel.

Modern Fastener & Keep

The Modern Fastener and Keep is a new sleek modern shape, with improved quality and strength by design. Boasting thicker walls making the fastener more robust. With a sturdy and reliable lock, the fastener helps pull, lift and align the windows together on single, double or triple-glazed windows, whilst allowing a smooth, precise action of the handle. Supplied with two keys as standard. The Modern Keep is an addition to the fastener and provides a night vent.  A second fixing point securely fastens your window when open for night time ventilation.

Choice of finishes:

Modern Fastener Finishes
sash lifts

Sash Lifts

Designed to be fitted onto the bottom sash rail, to assist lifting the sash window up and down, Reddiseals offers a variety of choice and design to suit individual tastes, whilst accommodating the different sizes of Sash windows available. Reddiseals has six sash lift choices available which include the Curved Lift, Traditional Sash Lift, Prestige Sash Lift, Raised Sash Lift, Small Flat Sash Lift & the Large Flat Sash Lift. With up to eight different finishes available on selected lifts, please check individual Sash Lifts for the finish choice available.

Choice of finishes:

sash lift finishes

Sash Handles

The range of Sash Handles offers a choice of three very different, yet tasteful styles. Designed to allow ease of opening and closing of Sash Windows, it is also important to note that the size and weight of your Sash Window determines the size of the handle required for the individual windows. Reddiseals provides a choice of sizes to accommodate for the different window size variations that are available.   Options available range from 4” to 14” handles covering the Standard Sash Handle, traditional Sash Handle, and Victorian Sash Handle. Please check the individual product for the size availability. There is also a choice of up to eight different finishes available on selected Sash Handles, however, please check individual Sash Handles for the finish choice available.

Choice of finishes:

sash handle finishes
sash pull

Traditional Sash Pulls

Perfect for use with shutters, and ideal for lowering the top sash. Reddiseals Traditional Sash Pulls fit flush into the wood and top rail, with an elegant narrow design.

Choice of finishes:

sash eye and rings

Sash Eye & Sash Ring

Reddiseals provides a selection of Sash Eye and Sash Ring furniture which complements other sash products within our range. Fitting on the top rail, with a finger pull ring to allow for ease of opening windows. Various sizes to suit small to medium sized windows or bigger heavier windows. Up to eight different finishes, please check individual Sash Eye and Sash Ring product of choice for the finish available.

Choice of finishes:

sash eye finishes
pole hook and holder

Pole Hook and Hook Holder

Reddiseals understands how some Sash Windows can be placed high up, causing difficulty when reaching. To help combat this, we provide both Pole Hook and Hook Holders. These complement our range of Sash furniture, the Pole Hook fits 25mm diameter poles, and the Pool Hook Holder fixes to the wall to store the pole hook when not in use. Available in four stylish finishes.

Choice of finishes:

pole hook and holder finishes

Luxury Range

Reddiseals are also proud to offer the very best in luxury sash window furniture. The Croft range is manufactured using traditional skills by the finest British craftsmen. Our luxury range ensures that they are made to the very highest standard of quality that will not only last a lifetime, but will enhance a windows appearance with grace, elegance and style for future generations to come.

luxury fasteners

Luxury Fasteners

Our luxury Fastener range allows movement in height and the ability to align and pull meeting rails together, complete with locking and non-locking options and the added bonus that they are suitable for single, double and triple glazed windows, depending on the fastener required.  The Croft range of fasteners, are available in four very stylish finishes.

Choice of finishes:

luxury fastener finishes

Luxury Sash Handles

Reddiseals Croft Range luxury Sash Handles are sophisticated and elegant in appearance. traditional. Sash handles can be used to open or close a window, and can also be used on the outside of the window for cleaning purposes. The length of handle required is determined by the size and weight of your window. A choice of three size options are available. Complete in a choice of four finishes.

Choice of finishes:

luxury sash eye

Luxury Sash Eye

Finally within our luxury range, we have the traditional Sash Eye designed to complement the other products within this range. The Sash Eye fits effortlessly on to the top rail, acting as a finger pull ring. Suitable for small to medium sized windows.

Choice of finishes:

Newly Introduced!

Marine Grade Polished 316 Stainless Steel

Don’t forget! We also have a polished stainless steel sash furniture range forged from marine grade Polished 316 Stainless Steel.   This unique range is Corrosive resistant, which makes it ideal for coastal properties and suitable for use with ACCOYA timber.    The highly polished decorative finish offers a timeless look suiting traditional through to modern properties and comes with a 20 year guarantee.

Kensington Range

Kensington Sash Window Products

Traditional and contemporary designs forged to a high standard using high-quality brass materials. The Kensington range of ironmongery boasts strength and durability in operation. Within our Kensington Sash Furniture Range we offer and extensive choice of Narrow Hook Fasteners, Narrow Brighton Fasteners, Narrow Fitch Fasteners, London Pattern Brighton Fasteners and Straight Arm Fasteners.

Each of our Kensington unique pieces is available in up to eight classic finishes to beautifully enhance any window. Our selection of quality window furniture is specifically designed for the sash window market. So whether you are restoring a period property or renovating an existing window, our New Kensington Sash Furniture Range offers a wide range of luxurious styles and finishes at realistic trade prices.

kensington finishes

The Budget Range

Our budget range of Sash furniture offers a reliable product at an extremely good price. Manufactured to a high standard, our range is designed with the user in mind and satisfies a variety of styles on a budget. Reddiseals offers extensive choice and additional value without compromising on quality. Reddiseals stock the most popular styles within the budget range, Brighton Fasteners and Fitch Fasteners as well as our Rustproof, Galvanised and axle wheel Standard Pulleys. All products follow a traditional style and are ideal for public buildings and areas of high wear and tear.

budget finishes