Usually a sign of inadequate insulation a draft allows cold air to enter a house while warm air exits. This leads to leaving the heating on longer, turning up the thermostat, or putting the fire on; for most increasing heating bills.

Comprehensive draught proofing can reduce bills by up to 20%

Reddiseals provide an extensive draught proofing range for both sash and casement windows.

Create an energy efficient home with our window draught proofing solutions.

draughtproofing solutions

Reddifin Weatherpile is the perfect solution for use in the sliding application and for use in traditional grade 1 and 2 listed buildings. The central fin provides extra draught resistance and fits in all our plastic carriers and parting beads. Reddifin weatherpile is the more traditional method of draught proofing, suitable for timber sash and casement windows.

Sofseal is the modern day alternative to traditional weatherpile. Our foamseals are high quality, durable and give excellent performance over an extended temperature range, offering excellent deflection and recover performance, while reducing the overall opening and closing forces on the window. Sofseal is UV and Ozone stable, and is resilient to most paints and stains.

Flexslide is designed to fit along the side jamb preventing rattling and providing additional draught and weatherproofing for your sash window. Manufactured from semi-rigid polypropylene, the flipper is rigid enough to cushion the side of the sash and keep its shape. The FX221/3 fits directly to the wood with self-adhesive tape, eliminating the need to rout a channel. All our Flexislide range are UV stable and easy to clean.

A draught proofed home is an energy efficient one.

self adhesive reddifin weatherpile


  • 4mm high Reddifin weatherpile
  • Suitable for surface mounting
  • Seals gaps from 1.5mm to 3.0mm
  • Ideal for use on the meeting rail, and the top and
    bottom sashes
  • Can be used on the sides of the frame to prevent


  • Traditional method of draught-proofing
  • Recommended for use in Grade I and II listed buildings
  • Fin provides additional draught resistance
  • Use with timber or plastic parting beads
  • Weatherpile is available in varying sizes, supplied
    with or without a central fin
self adhesive flexislide


  • No routing necessary
  • Suitable for surface mounting
  • Base can be recessed 2mm for flush mounting
    if required
  • High quality self-adhesive tape
  • UV Stable

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