Reddiseals EPDM Dry Glazing Tape is suitable for draught proofing existing doors and windows which do not have a groove for mechanical fixing, and for new applications where machining a groove is not possible. EPDM tape is made from cellular rubber with a skinned surface and a closed cell structure to ensure that moisture will not be absorbed. With a self-adhesive surface for easy application and glass fibre mesh to ensure the tape doesn’t stretch. EPDM tape has excellent compression recovery characteristics which mean you can be sure of an effective seal for many years.

  • Non-stretch with one self-adhesive side
  • Suitable for glazing units
  • 4mm thick option working with EasyClip Dry Glazing System
  • Various thicknesses available to suit most glazing units
  • High performance double sided tape bonds to the timber beading
  • Supplied in black and white

Self-adhesive EPDM profile glazing tape, used for glazing timber windows. Capable of withstanding extremes of temperature. Ensures water and airtightness between frame and insulating glass as well as between insulating glass and beads.

Used extensively by leading UK and European joinery manufacturers over many years, application is quick, clean and simple. A non-stretch glass fibre reinforced backing scrim is incorporated to prevent stretching, and an effective contact adhesive provides instant grab to the rebate and bead surfaces.

Wooden windows: ensures water and airtightness between frame and insulating glass as well as between insulating glass and beads.

Wooden conservatories: ensures water and airtightness between fixed frames and insulating glass
as well as between insulating glass and beads.

For factory glazing of single glass and double glazed units into timber windows and doors. Suitable for all glass types including laminated, solar control, low emissivity, toughened and polycarbonates.

Apply direct from the reel onto one surface and press sufficiently along its whole length to achieve good initial adhesion. On application, the surface must be clean and dry, and free from any surface oils, dirt or sawdust etc. Failure to do so may result in delamination or poor adhesion of the seal to the substrate.


  • Approved by a number of European official testing institutions
  • Enables a quick, simple and clean mounting of insulating glass
  • Very good aging properties
  • More than 40 year’s experience in northern climate (Scandinavia)
  • Good resistance to solvents
  • For factory as well as on site glazing
  • Ready glazed units are immediately shippable
  • The product is free from harmful substances


  • Base material: EPDM rubber
  • Color: Black, brown and white
  • Adhesion: Excellent on dry surfaces

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