Vitaseal is a unique combination of resilient foam and a water resisting binder. The expanding foam tape produces a weather resistant seal for water / air tightness, thermal insulation and noise control in fenestration and construction applications. Vitaseal 600 should be installed at a temperature superior to 5°C and stored less than 2 years between 1°C and 25°C. In case of extreme temperatures, the expansion can be accelerated using a hot air blower or slowed down using in a cold storage.

With building regulation ever changing new plans aim for all new homes to have a zero carbon emission rate by 2016. Doors and windows are one of the main sources of energy loss in UK homes today. Vitaseal improves energy efficiency in buildings, meeting part L of the building regulations.

Benefits of Vitaseal

  • Quick installation
  • Easy to apply
  • Improves energy efficiency in buildings
  • Expands to find its own level
  • Seals against uneven surfaces
  • Clean product (in comparison to silicones and mastics)
  • Accommodates joint movement
  • Allows ventilation of joint
  • Easy to quantify usage
  • Minimal wastage
  • Can be pained after installation
  • Only need one product to make watertight

Vitaseal is supplied as a pre-compressed roll, with one side being self-adhesive to assist with initial positioning. Available in a number of different widths and thicknesses. Used in the correct way, Vitaseal is suitable for many different applications when used at the specific compression.

At 10% compression – soundproofing and anti-vibration
At a minimum of 50% compression – Thermal insulation and dust particle insulation
At 75% compression – Water resistance (after 75% compression the performance of the joint improves)


  • Perimeter seals for windows and doors
  • Expansion joints
  • Acoustic seal
  • Timber buildings
  • Joints for portable or sectional buildings
  • Abutment seals for conservatories

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