Reddifin Weatherpile

Reddiseals – Create an energy efficient home with our complete window and door draught proofing solutions.

Reddipile Weatherstrip is the perfect solution for use in sliding applications and for use in traditional grade 1 and 2 listed buildings. The central fin provides extra draught resistance and fits in all our plastic carriers and parting beads. Reddipile Weatherstrip is the more traditional method of draught proofing. Suitable for timber sash and casement windows.

Reddiseals industry recognised Flexislide is made to the highest possible standards in our own factories. Flexislide is designed to fit along the side jamb preventing rattling and providing additional draught and weatherproofing for your sash window. Manufactured from a semi-rigid polypropylene, the flipper is rigid enough to cushion the side of the sash and keep its shape. Our Self-adhesive Flexislide fits directly to the wood with self-adhesive tape, eliminating the need to route a channel.

Should a modern alternative be required Reddiseals Sofseal Foamseal range has been constructed to maintain maximum performance in application over the lifetime of your window. The modern alternative to traditional weatherstrip. These hardwearing gaskets provide an extremely efficient cushioned seal for more modern sash applications. Sofseal Foamseal boasts the following significant benefits over other traditional seals when used in timber window applications; Polyurethane inner foam core, Polypropylene Insert and PEVA Skin.

Older buildings and in particular sash windows do suffer from rattles and draughts, by looking into simple draught proofing methods eliminating them could make a massive difference to your energy costs.

Period properties can lose up to 20% of their heat via draughts but tackling this with draught proofing resolves the problem with keeping the character of your property. About one fifth of your homes energy is potentially lost through windows. Air escapes through air gaps not the glass itself, simple draught proofing as discussed above could reduce air infiltration through your sash window by as much as 86%.

By draught proofing your sash window you aren’t sacrificing the look and feel of your windows, but you are preparing your home to be more energy efficient during the colder months.

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Reddipile Weatherstrip


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