The clocks have gone back and the change in weather is apparent, so now is the time to make sure you’re doing all you can to make your house as energy efficient as possible in time for the Winter.

If you don’t know where to start, take a look at these pointers we’ve put together to see if there is anything else you can do to save money and keep warm in the coming months.

Regulate your thermostat temperature

Are you a prime suspect for having the temperature of your heating too high so you always feel ‘toasty’? If so, you could be incurring far more costs on your heating bill than needs be. Keeping your temperature to a lower, steadier heat will mean the house maintains an even temperature throughout the day – 21 degrees is the recommended optimum temperature.

Equally, investing in a system which turns on when you’re about to arrive home and learns your daily habits to optimise your requirements is another way of keeping money down. There are a few options on the market now and they can all be controlled using an app on your mobile phone!

Ensure your windows are sealed efficiently

Whether you have sash or casement windows – they can be a huge source of heat loss in Winter months if not sealed correctly. Points you should consider are; replacing the draughtproofing in your windows and checking the seals are still working sufficiently; we offer weatherstrip and self-adhesive EPDM seals which could do the job.

Energy efficient bulbs

Lights are switched on for longer this time of year, so converting your bulbs to LED or Halogen bulbs can be a great way of saving money. You’ll also find they last a lot longer than incandescent bulbs, saving you from stumbling around in the dark looking for replacement bulbs!

Insulate your loft

It’s probably something that has been on your ‘to do list’ for a long time, but it’s a job your bank account will thank you for when your heating bill comes in after the Winter months. It’s estimated we lose 25% of heat through our rooves each year, so laying some loft insulation should bring that down considerably.

Thick curtains

Hopefully you’ll have solved your draughty window situation thanks to our previous tip, but if you want to ensure a completely draught-free experience – curtains are the way forward. Luckily statement curtains have made a come back in a big way, so it should be easy to find a pair that work for your room and keep them shut over night to retain the heat generated throughout the day.

Think about your furniture layout

Probably not something you’ve really thought about, but they way your furniture is laid out can affect how warm your room is. Avoid putting furniture in front of radiators so allow heat to freely move throughout the room and consider draught excluders for your doors and letterboxes to keep heat in. Take a look at our threshold seals which offer excellent protection in sub zero temperatures.

Clean out your guttering

Not necessarily an obvious connection, but leaving leaves and other waste in your guttering can cause water build up, which in turn will run down walls leading to problems with damp in the future. Save yourself the damp proofing bill!

If you require further advice on the best ways to draughtproof your windows then please get in touch with us on 01905 791876 where our technical team will be able to advise you on the best products to use for your specific window. We have a wide range of seals available, suitable for doors, timber windows and PVC and metal windows.