Reddiseals Easyclip, a reliable way to dry glaze sealed units, sold in user friendly packs. Prevents misting and condensation build up, eliminating the need to use silicone. Metal clips prevent the removal of the glazed unit without the use of a key, securing your windows further from intrusion.

Step 1
Secure the Easyclip based unit into the glazing rebate with screws.
Feature The base unit holds the clip in place securely.
Benefit It creates air and drainage gap, extending the life of the window and enables simple fitting.
Application Fit base frame units as show and screw into place

Step 2
Fit 9 x 4mm EPDM tape to the beading (compressed to a 3mm gap) and place the glazed unit into the rebate (creating a 5mm air gap around the glass)
Feature 3mm EPDM tape seals both sides of the glass to the beading
Benefit 5mm drainage gap stops condensation build up
Application Fit the glazed unit onto the base units, making sure it forms a tight seal with the EPDM tape

Step 3
Push Easyclip metal clips into slots to secure glass and compress EPDM tape. Beading can now be fitted and sealed using 9x4mm EPDM tape.
Feature Locks glazed unit securely into place
Benefit Easy fit, secure simple interlock system gives added security to your window and makes replacing glass in the future easy
Application Push clips into the base. This will secure the IGU and compress the EPDM tape. Apply beading and seal to the second side.

Reecommended by Jeff Howell at The Daily Telegraph in his Property Advice column.

“I recently had 13 sliding timber sash windows replaced in a house in London. After much – somewhat heated – debate, I provided dimensioned drawings to the fitters and insisted it was done my way, or not at all. I had to source my own plastic glazing bridges and double sided tape (which is the “dry glazing” part of the process). All of these are available from (For your existing windows, the glazing rebates will also have to be deepened to provide the extra gap.) Once the job had been finished, the fitters remarked how easy it had all been. The boss changed tack completely and said he would always prefer to do it that way.”

Our Easyclip dry glazing system is simple and easy to use, watch our how-to video