Summer has finally arrived and with it we are busy making sure that you can let in the fresh air and open up your beautiful box sash windows with the added piece of mind that your property remains safe and secure

Sash stops are strong and convenient to use and do not need to be removed from window when opening fully. They can be set into the top frame allowing the window to be left open for ventilation but still secure. They provide a safety stop to prevent unwanted intruders getting in, or little ones getting out!

Discreet and easy to operate, these restrictors are barely noticed and do not alter the aesthetics of your heritage sash windows. Sash restrictors are operated by a simple key mechanism, allowing you to sleep easy knowing your house is secure.

Worryingly more than 4,000 children under the age of fifteen are injured falling from windows every year! Our popular range of tried and tested restrictors and security solutions are offered covering the traditional sash screw and the beautifully engineered weekes stop to the more modern secure stop and Reddilock. They are available in a variety of finishes to complement our Reddiseals window furniture.

Our extensive range of restrictors and security are tried and tested security solutions for traditional sash windows that meet the standard required by insurance companies.

Becky Dashfield

Marketing Manager at Reddiseals
With over ten years of marketing experience across a wide range of platforms in a variety of industries, Becky has worked with the team for a couple of years now and her abilities and experience have certainly made Reddiseals stand out from the crowd.

Reddiseals is the number one choice for sash window, casement window and door furniture in the UK and has provided quality products to the joinery industry for 30 years.
Becky Dashfield

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