Evolving further from the Sash Balance system, our new Tilt & Slide system offers a complete hardware system that enables you to produce a high performance timber vertical sliding window, with a tilt back facility for ease of cleaning, yet maintains the aesthetic appearance of a traditional sliding sash window. Reddiseals stock components for the renovation and refurbishment of this system.

Spiral Tilt & Slide Balances

For weights up to 40lbs
Adjustable balances allow you to adjust the tension for specific sash weights
Allows installers to optimally match the strength of the balances to a broad range of sash weights on site.
All balances are sold in pairs

Ultralift Tilt & Slide Balances

For weights up to 60lbs
Pre-tensioned balances do not require any adjusting
Manufactured correctly to customers weight range requirements
Double sprung balances
All balances are sold in pairs

Torso Tilt & Slide Balances (Made To Order)

For weights over 60lbs or additional lengths – POA

Reddiseals can supply any size balance needed, just contact us with your requirements and we will be more than happy to help.

Reddiseals with provide all the parts needed for renovating your tilt and slide window.

Tilt and slide travel stops protect the balances from under or over extension of the sash.
Pivot shoes attach to the balance, allowing the window to slide vertically and tilt for cleaning
Pivot bar carrier and shackle attach to the pivot shoe for tilting
Pivot bar fits to the sash and slides into the pivot bar carrier
When released, the pivot bar can be slid off the carrier allowing the sashes to be removed completely
Tilt restrictors allow the sash to be tilted from the standard sash window position to an angle of 45 degrees with ease
Tilt latches prevent the sash from tilting, release to tilt the sash

For more information please visit Our Sash Weights and Balances section.