Affiliations Blog

Reddiseals are affiliated with various organisations and are proud that to offer quality products to our customers, some of which are accredited by prestigious organisations. But what does it all mean to you? We attempt to break down the confusion surrounding logos seen in the joinery industry, in particular the ones we use.

Memberships and Affiliations FSC


The FSC symbol is widespread and prominent on a variety of wood related products and it stands for the Forest Stewardship Council®. Made up of 800 members, the council is non-governmental and promote responsible management of forests across the world. The FSC encourage use of either recycled material or choosing products sourced from well-managed forests. Both our Accoya Beading and Xtreme Bead Tricoya range are FSC certified. For more facts on the FSC, just check out our #FSCFriday blog.


The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification®, or PEFC as it’s known to most, is the world’s largest forest certification organisation and their main goal is to ensure there is a responsible chain of custody when foresting land – protecting ecosystems now and in the future.

Using a number of factors including ‘cost effectiveness’ and ‘accountability’, the PEFC logo guarantees wood is responsibly sourced, giving you peace of mind when purchasing. Our Natural Timber Softwood Beading range is PEFC certified.

Memberships and Affiliations BWF


An independent body, the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) offer advice and information to people in the woodworking industry and provide an unbiased view on best practice for the trade. The federation have a membership programme and all 700 members, ranging from manufacturers, distributors and installers of wood based products have a code of conduct to follow in order to retain their membership. Reddiseals is a long standing member of the BWF and are regularly represented at both technical and information based meetings.

We hope this has helped to shed some light on the meaning of some of the logos we use – for further information on our accreditations, please get in touch.