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It’s no secret that Reddiseals has the widest range of joinery products around, but we’re well aware that sometimes our range is a little overwhelming and it’s easy to miss great products that you’re looking for. We’ve added a great new filtering option on the website to make it easier than ever to find the exact product you’re looking for, but Trade Counter Brett, has helped us out by telling us his top products at the moment.

Midi Brighton Fastener

We’ve got a whole range of Brighton fasteners available, from luxury to budget – the Midi Brighton was launched as part of our standard range in the January 2017 catalogue and is available in non-locking and locking in a wide variety of colours. The move to bring in the Midi means that we now have a variety of Brighton fastener sizes available to suit all sash window requirements and price constraints.

Brett says: “Brought in this year, this competitively priced fastener is the tradesmen’s choice and since we introduced it, it has been flying off the shelves.”

Forged Cranked Spoon End Espagnolette Security Handle

Our Norton luxury forged collection has a range of popular designs and the cranked espagnolette handles are no exception. They’re available in both spoon end and ball end design and make a great addition to any casement window.

Brett says: “Always a popular handle and available in six popular finishes including Antique Bronze and Satin Chrome.  The Polished Chrome creates a modern look for any casement window.”

Siroflex Silicone Spray

This is a brand new product for Reddiseals and has been bought in based on customer demand. We’ve been asked for this type of product recently and we think it’s a great addition to our Tools & Accessories section. To find out more, click here.

Brett says: “I’ve wanted to bring this product in for years, it’s such a handy product for anyone’s tool kit. Great for lubricating machinery.”

Schlegel Weatherseal QL3009 (AQ21)

We were excited to add the Schlegel range to our seals collection last year and the weatherseals range has proved hugely popular with our customers – the QL3009 (AQ21) in particular has been a best seller. The range is backed by a ten year manufacturers guarantee and uses a polyurethane foam core which make them highly durable with superior recovery performance.

Brett says: ”An industry staple and best seller, the range speaks for itself – don’t forget we now offer it in 250m rolls as well as 50m rolls.”

Swirl Deco Internal Door Handle

Part of the Abberley forged range of internal door furniture, the Swirl Deco is just one of ten handle and plate combinations – all of which are available in a wide variety of finishes sure to suit any room. All of our handles are covered by a ten year guarantee and are forged from superior brass materials, creating a stronger product and a high quality finish.

Brett says: “This is my favourite handle from our new Abberley collection – I love the Antique Pewter finish but we offer up to ten different finishes.’

Becky Dashfield

Marketing Manager at Reddiseals
With over ten years of marketing experience across a wide range of platforms in a variety of industries, Becky has worked with the team for a couple of years now and her abilities and experience have certainly made Reddiseals stand out from the crowd.

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