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  • Schlegel SAQ3116

    Schlegel SAQ3116WH Self-Adhesive Flipper Seal

    From £54.49 (ex vat)
  • Schlegel SAQ0122

    Schlegel SAQ0122WH Zero Gap Seal

    From £57.74 (ex vat)
  • Georgian Bar Tape - Black

    Georgian Bar Tape

    From £6.52 (ex vat)
  • Standard P Foam Seal

    Standard ‘P’ Foam Seal

    From £31.64 (ex vat)
  • Self-Adhesive Weatherpile

    Self-adhesive Reddipile® Brush Seal

    From £24.82 (ex vat)
  • T Slot Flipper Seal

    T-Slot Flipper Seal

    From £46.92 (ex vat)
  • Incremental Wedge Seal

    Incremental Wedge Seal

    From £66.69 (ex vat)
  • Hodgson Foamfix Cleaner

    Foamfix Gun and Foam Cleaner

    From £5.33 (ex vat)
  • Foamfix Expanding Foam Filler

    Foamfix Expanding PU foam – gun grade

    From £6.60 (ex vat)
  • Fire Rated Expanding Foam

    Pyroplex PU Fire Rated Expanding Foam – hand held

    From £4.74 £4.49 (ex vat) 50% OFF
  • Fire Door Foam FD60

    Fire and Acoustics Fire Door Foam FD60

    From £12.11 (ex vat)
  • Firestrip Brown 30 Minute

    Firestrip Intumescent Strip Sealant 30 Minute

    From £13.51 (ex vat)
  • Firestrip Intumescent Sealant Butyl Tape

    Firestrip Intumescent Strip Sealant 60 Minute

    From £22.79 (ex vat)
  • CFT1503WH ceramic fibre tape

    Kerafix® Ceramic Fibre Tape

    From £15.81 (ex vat)