Worryingly more than 4,000 children under the age of fifteen are injured falling from windows every year! Our popular range of tried and tested restrictors and security solutions are offered covering the traditional sash screw and the beautifully engineered weekes stop to the more modern secure stop and Reddilock. Our range of restrictors and security are insurance compliant. They are available in a variety of finishes to complement our Reddiseals furniture.

  • Locking Secure Stop

    Locking Secure Stop

    From £10.82 (ex vat)
  • Secure Stop For Fire Egress

    Egress Secure Stop

    From £8.76 (ex vat)
  • Retractable Sash Stop

    Retractable Sash Stop

    From £5.77 (ex vat)
  • Childproof Reddilock

    Childproof Reddilock

    From £10.30 (ex vat)
  • Reddilock Tool

    Reddilock Tool

    £4.54 (ex vat)
  • Security Key

    Security Key

    £1.11 (ex vat)
  • Sash Window Restrictor

    Sash Window Restrictor

    From £3.78 (ex vat)
  • Strike Plate

    Strike Plate

    From £2.63 (ex vat)
  • Surface Mount Bracket Sash Screws

    Surface Mount Bracket – Sash Screws

    From £3.04 (ex vat)
  • Original sash screw

    Original Sash Screw

    From £1.54 (ex vat)
  • Weekes stops

    Weekes Stop

    From £2.04 (ex vat)
  • Dual sash screw

    Dual Sash Screw

    From £3.35 (ex vat)