How to replace sash window cord


Before you start this project, you’ll need to determine which of the cords needs to be replaced. Even if only one side is broken, we recommend replacing both sides of the sash as new cord will stretch and existing cord will not. You should also be sure you select the same type of cord currently being used, for example cotton, nylon or polyester.


  1. Start by removing the sashes from the window. You will find more information on this in our guide: How to remove sash windows.
  2. Undo the screw for the pocket on each side of the frame to access the weight.
  3. Undo the knot on the cord and pull the weight and cord carefully out of the pocket at the base of the frame.
  4. At this point, it may be worth hoovering out the box and inspecting for any damage to the sashes or frame – see our other guides for more information on refurbishing your sash.
  5. Using the old sash window cords as a guide, measure out and cut two generous lengths of new cord.
  6. Tie a knot at one end and fix a small piece of folded sheet lead or another heavy object to the other end of the cord and pass over the pulley and down the box.
  7. Remove the weight and pass the cord through the weight and tie a knot at the end – trim any excess cord.
  8. Undo the knot and move the sash into position. If it is the lower sash, pull the weight up to just below the pulley and fix the cord to the sash.
  9. If it is the upper sash, move the weight up off the bottom of the box and fix to the upper sash.
  10. Test the movement of the sash and make sure it moves to the full extent and the weight doesn’t hit the pulley or the bottom of the box. Make any adjustments necessary at this point.
  11. Replace the sashes and beads as per our guide: How to replace the sashes in a window.

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