How to fix a draughty window


Draughty windows are not only annoying, they’re also incredibly inefficient at keeping the heat in your home. If you want to fix your draughty window yourself, we’ve got some tips below that will help you improve the energy efficiency in your home.


  1. Remove the sashes from the frame using our guide: How to remove sash windows.
  2. Whilst the sashes are out, it is a good idea to inspect them and the frame for any signs of wear, damage or build-up of paint as any further maintenance can be done at this point (see our refurb guides)
  3. Inspect what draught proofing is around the window and see what needs replacing or what may need to be added.
  4. Slide the old weatherpile out of the channel on the sashes. Inspect the carriers and replace if needed.
  5. Cut the new weatherpile to the correct size and replace in the channels on the sashes and the frame. Our tip is to put a dab of superglue at each end to prevent the weatherpile sliding out of the channel.
  6. If adding draught proofing, either rout a channel for the carrier and weatherpile or apply self-adhesive weatherpile directly to the timber.
  7. For additional draught proofing and to prevent rattle of the sashes, Flexislide can be added between the side of the sash and the frame, just off centre from the cord. An alternative to this is self-adhesive weatherpile.
  8. Replace the sashes using our guide: How to replace the sashes in the window.
  9. When replacing the sashes and installing new parting bead and staff bead, make sure to insert new weatherpile in the carrier to help draught proof the window.

There are a variety of ways to draught proof your window, therefore this is not an exhaustive list. It’s always best to inspect the window thoroughly first and plan what products you need in advance. Get in touch with us on 01905 791876 for advice on the products you might need for your next project.