Reddiseals introduce Xtreme Bead the UK’s first Medite® Tricoya® based primed beading for the joiner. We are proud to exclusively bring the first ‘waterproof’ timber beading to the market.

Reddiseals is the UK’s leading supplier of parting and staff beads. Xtreme Bead is a new, extremely durable fibreboard beading, suitable for use in outdoor environments or in interior wet environments. Xtreme Bead is characterised by its durability, enhanced dimensional stability and reliability. Reddiseals then pre-insert carrier into the primed beading, reducing labour time for the tradesmen.

Xtreme Bead, made from Medite® Tricoya® is a fibreboard, which has been machined to produce the beading profiles. It is manufactured using wood fibres that have undergone an acetylation process. Wood contains “free space”, which water absorbs into and releases from. This makes the wood expand and contract due to the climatic conditions. The acetylation process uses acetic anhydride, which is reacted with the wood to prevent moisture from getting into the free spaces, making it more dimensionally stable. Enzymes digest wood in these “free spaces”, which is the main reason for wood decay. Once they have been filled, it is no longer digestible, making the wood more durable.

We recommend Reddiseals Weatherpile or Sofseal Bubble Gasket to fit the carrier. Available in a primed finish and supplied in 3m lengths designed to minimise waste on your sash window, for manufacturing or renovation. The Xtreme Bead core is guaranteed for 50 years (excludes the coating, carrier and seals).

  • Manufactured using Medite® Tricoya®
  • Pre-inserted PVC carrier for Reddifin weatherpile and Sofseal foamseals
  • Produced using superior wood refining technology
  • High strength, light weight, good insulation and excellent machinability
  • Enhances the service life of the coating
  • Demonstrates superior dimension stability and durability in changing weather conditions
  • Durable, longer lasting, perfect for outdoor use or wet, interior environments
  • Fungal resistant, creating an effective barrier against fungal decay
  • Medite® Tricoya® core is guaranteed for 50 years (excludes coating and plastic carrier)
  • FSC certified wood used from sustainable sources
  • Always use stainless steel fixings. Reddiseals supply a range of stainless steel pins for fixing.

Available in three metre pre-primed lengths

Reddiseals use FSC accredited Medite® Tricoya® from sustainable sources.

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Becky Dashfield

Becky Dashfield

Marketing Manager at Reddiseals
With over ten years of marketing experience across a wide range of platforms in a variety of industries, Becky has worked with the team for a couple of years now and her abilities and experience have certainly made Reddiseals stand out from the crowd.

Reddiseals is the number one choice for sash window, casement window and door furniture in the UK and has provided quality products to the joinery industry for 30 years.
Becky Dashfield