The Reddiseals range of balances for sash windows, allow window fabricators to provide exactly what is required for mechanical assistance, longevity and economy. Existing sash windows can be converted to the sash balance mechanism easily and efficiently using our extensive range of balances and fixing brackets. The combination of stainless steel spiral rod torsion and tension springs produces a self-contained balancing device capable of maintaining the stability of a sash window at any point in the movement of the sash.

All types of balances are suitable for timber windows. These can be safely used in schools, hospitals, offices, residential homes, sheltered housing, post office counters, hotels and private housing.

Why Buy?

  • High Quality Materials
  • Choice of fixing bracket sets
  • Easy Adjustments
  • Smooth and easy operation
  • Up to 10 year warranty
  • Fraction of the cost of traditional methods

Balance types C,D (Ultralift) ,E,F & G (Ultralift HD and Torso) are factory pre-tensioned and stamped with the part number, date of manufacture and the weight they are designed to carry. Type A&B (Spiral Standard) balances do not have this information as they are adjustable and tensioned when installed.

Spiral Standard Balances – For weights up to 40lbs

  • Adjustable balances allow you to adjust the tension for specific sash weights.
  • Allows installers to optimally match the strength of the balance to a broad range of sash
  • weights on site.
  • All balances are sold in pairs
  • 5 year warranty

Ultralift Balances – For weights up to 60lbs

  • Pre-tensioned balances do not require any adjusting
  • Manufactured correctly to customers weight range requirements
  • Double spring balances
  • All sold in pairs
  • 10 year warranty

Ultralift HD and Torso Balances – For weights over 60lbs or additional lengths

  • Reddiseals can supply any size balance needed, just contact us with your requirements and we will be more than happy to help
  • 10 year warranty

Tools are required for tensioning spiral sash balances. Fixing bracket sets are supplied separately to suit application.

Calculate your required dimensions by using our online sash balance calculator or if you prefer our experienced team to calculate your sash balance requirement do not hesitate to contact us on Tel. 01905 791876 Email:

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